About Us


Durobuild is the UK arm of Durostick. Durostick was founded in Greece in 1988. The founders' vision was always to respect the environment.

Supplying reliable and quality oriented solutions and providing excellent materials, Durostick has made itself synonymous with quality and reliability in its home market. Over the years, Durostick has managed to achieve a dominant position in it’s sector. The company’s ultra-modern, high tech factory has a daily capacity of 900 tons of building materials, adhesives and paints.

The company's product range covers all building disciplines to satisfy even the most demanding of customers. Durostick has a state of the art R&D centre both for the development of new products and the improvement of existing ones.

We provide an extensive range of top quality, high technology, certified products covering the whole spectrum of construction, renovation and decoration of houses and other commercial or non-commercial spaces.

Durobuild have been developing products at an incredible pace, harnessing the best of current science and technology to produce truly ground-breaking products that outperform their competitors on every level.

Products focus on 7 key areas:

• Adhesion
• External Wall Insulation
• Patiti Wall Design
• Self Levelling
• Protection
• Reinforcement
• Sealing
• Cleaning

From the start of a construction project to it's completion, we provide products that enhance your project at every stage.