External Wall Insulation

ThermoSeal System


As a company with extensive and diverse experience and involvement in the design, implementation, production and marketing of building materials and colors, DUROSTICK claims a variety of unique materials (products) as well as integrated systems and solutions with regard to sealing and waterproofing, thermal insulation and thermal sealing of masonry and flat roofs.
The proper thermal insulation of a surface requires first of all - the careful sealing and waterproofing of the surface. The reasons requiring the sealing of the surface include, among others, the fact that, according to scientific studies and measurements, a 4% increase in the moisture in the mass of the masonry reduces its thermal insulation capacity by an impressive rate of 50%! Therefore, sealing the masonry is a critical factor that directly affects its thermal insulation capacity. Sealing and waterproofing has been for many years an advantageous field of action for DUROSTICK.
Hundreds of thousands of square meters of surface have been sealed with Durostick sealants and waterproofers. DUROSTICK sealants, a widely known range of products, are certified under equivalent European standards many a time exceeding their specifications. They have been used in a wide range of applications, for many years, in Greece and abroad, and they have rightfully gained their top position and standing in the market. At the same time, DUROSTICK continues to create and launch innovative new products of this class that offer immediate solutions and dramatically improve the results of the applications or which they are designed.

The transfer of energy, heat, air and moisture is present everywhere in the environment as something natural and expected for. In an effort to harness the environment and to achieve comfortable living conditions in our houses, and interior spaces, we attempt, among other things, to control the natural flow of heat that was, is and will remain as such, Simply because it is 'natural'. Get superior insulation for your building! Thermoseal External Thermal Insulation System of Durostick holds a First Class certification per ETAG 004. (Certification numbers: ETA-13/0006 & ETA-13/0007).

✓ Thermoseal of Durostick
1.Behaves impeccably and presents unparalleled durability.
2.Resists effectively in hard use.


✓External Wall Insulation

When a property is built without a cavity in the walls, the insulation process must really be either internal or external to the brickwork. Insulating the property externally has the following benefits:
1.There is no internal mess, redecoration requirements or upheaval whatsoever.
2.The external finish can be done in a wide range of colour renders.
3.No reduction of internal dimensions as the insulation goes on the exterior of the walls.




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