Cementitious flexible white tile adhesive with acrylic resin enhancement. For increased adhesion, zero vertical slump and resistance to moisture and freezing. The increased thixotropy of the adhesive allows coatings to thickness up to 15 mm without "subsidence". High open adhesion time. It is classified under class C2TE S1 per ΕΝ 12004 and EN 12002.
The measurements for certification were carried out at the accredited European institute ZUS (No 0100-28453/28692).

Experimental measurements have been made ​​in accordance with EN 12004 in the Chemical Laboratory of DUROSTICK and have been confirmed by the KDEP Organization 9530/2634/222.

The following instrumentation has been used:
Flexion - Compression: CONTROLSMCCC66
Detachment Resistance: BRAIVEDYNATEST
Note: The product exceeds 65% (average) the standard requirements for C2TE adhesives


GOLD adhesive is suitable for bonding low or zero absorption tiles such as granite, glass chip stones, cotto, klinker, porcellanato, porcellanato smaltato and decorative bricks in small or large size.

Ideal for all kinds of stable substrates such as floor cement screed, brushable cementitious substrates, pre-fabricated concrete walls, old tiles, mosaic and marble plaster.
Provides resistance to expansion and contraction at exterior areas as well as underfloor heating and also exterior open spaces presenting severe temperature variations such as balconies and rooftops.

It provides excellent adhesion in areas with continuous moisture such as swimming pools or athletic centres, fountains or bathrooms , showers etc.
Its thixotropic properties allow bonding of tiles on walls in a top to bottom sequence.
Suitable for areas with heavy traffic such as car showrooms, airport terminals, shopping centres, super markets, dining facilities , common
spaces etc.

Adding DUROSTICK acrylic emulsion to mixing water at a ratio of 1:1, improves its technical specifications, so as to comply with the requirements of class S2 (especially elastic adhesive) in accordance with standard ΕΝ 12002.


1. Surface preparation
The installation surface should be clean and free from loose areas, dust, paint, grease and oil. It must be wetted before application. The absorbent substrates as well as porobeton must be necessarily primed with ACRYLIC EMULSION or D-20 by DUROSTICK in a 1:1 mixing ratio with water. Plaster boards must be primed with micromolar stabilizer AQUAFIX or SOLVENT-BASED PRIMER by DUROSTICK. Brittle cement mortars on floors must be spread with sealing and stabilizing mortar HYDROSTOP FLOOR after thorough wetting with 2 parts water mixed with 1 part D-20 or ACRYLIC EMULSION by DUROSTICK.

2. Application
Empty the powder in clean water in a mixing ratio of 2 parts water to 5 parts powder or 7-7.5 lt water to 25 kg powder (1.4-1.5 lt to 5 kg) and stir with power drill at low rpm, until a homogenous, lump-free mass is obtained. The mix must be allowed to cure for 5-10 minutes and then periodic stirring is needed without adding further water. The material is spread over the substrate using notched squeegee. Then the surface is swept to the area necessary for working for the next 15-30 minutes (depending on weather conditions), thus avoiding the development of crust. Lastly, tiles are affixed to the desired locations and set by lightly punching with a mallet.


Carton box with 4 bags 5 kg each
Paper bag, 25 kg on 1,200 kg pallet