New technology elastic sealant and adhesive material, odourless, solvent free in 32 select shades. Offers high bonding strength and elasticity, resistance to UV radiation and moisture as well as aciduous and alkaline environment. Does not turn yellowish over time, resists mildew, is flame resistant, can be painted, retains original elasticity and adheres on porous or non-porous surfaces without primer.


DUROSTICK DS-POLYMER is used in many indoor applications. • Sanitary articles: Grout sealing in bathtubs, sinks, bathroom accessories, basins, grouting of joints of skirting boards with tiles. • Fitted kitchen furniture: Sealing of kitchen benches and sinks • Electrical installations: Support of plastic and/or metal cable ducts, electrical boxes and panels. • Construction of aluminum frames: Support and circumferential sealing of aluminum, wood, PVC doors frames • Mirrors: Placement of silver-plated mirrors • Construction works: Sealing and adhesion repair of any kind of detached marble and stone. Suitable for the flexible grout sealing in walls made of plaster or cement boards, concrete, plaster, as well as poly-carbonated sheets.


1. Surface Preparation: The substrate shall firm, clean and free from dirt and oil. Scrape off unstable points from joints with putty knife.

2. Application: Place the cartridge in the special heavy duty DUROSTICK forwarding gun and make an oblique cut at the nozzle, driving the cartridge at a 45° angle towards the axis of the joint, making sure that it is filled without air being trapped.
Using masking tape at the edge of the joint will facilitate proper delimiting of the sealant. The joint can be smoothed out in 20 minutes with your finger immersed in water. Any residues shall be removed with damp sponge.

At least one of the surfaces to be bonded shall be porous. Not suitable for bonding or sealing on polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), teflon and aquaria.
It is recommended that joint depth is adjusted to half of its width. It can be regulated by joint filling cord made from expanded polyethylene or - where not available - with expanded polystyrene.


Colors Available:

1. White

2. Beige

3. Magnolia

4. Indian Red

5. Terracota

6. Ivory

7. Light Gray

8. Black


Carton box with 6 tubes 261 ml (340 gr) each