Durocolor Powder


Water soluble vinyl resins coated with coloured inorganic oxides in powder form, user and environment-friendly, with photostabilizing additives and U.V. filters, delivering the products resistance to ultraviolet solar radiation.
Each bag has a precise dose for rendering exactly one of 96 select basic shades according to colour swatch.
DUROCOLOR POWDER-C allows you to prepare the desired colour in your own project site and regulate the final shade, addressing all decorative preferences.


Use this innovative method for selecting among 96 shades to paint:
1. The innovative DUROSTICK POWDER COLOR in powder form: by adding the specific dose in water (according to the 96-shade colour swatch). The increase, reduction or blending of pigments created numerous new shades.

2. Spatula and repair putties such as STUCOFIX - P, POWDER COAT and GRANULAR by DUROSTICK.
The result eliminates the need for multiple paint coats (especially in darker shades). This method provides significant savings as paint consumption is decreased and labour cost is minimized. Allow a unique chance to control the flatness of walls and to correct defects before paint coating.


4. Pressed cement mortar DS-250


Select the shade of your liking from the DUROCOLOR POWDER-C collection.
Example: The 24 pale shades are created using one 250 gr sachet per DUROSTICK POWDER COLOR - BASE bag or spatula putties. Triplicating the pigments will allow rendering darker hues. The same applies to 24 dark shades where the using three times as much pigment will allow the development of 24 even darker shades.

Empty the required quantity of pigments - based on colour swatch - in a 15 lt container, with a specific quantity of clean water and stir using power drill at low rpm, adding DUROSTICK POWDER COLOR - BASE or the patching putties that must be coloured, until the mix is fully homogenised. Stirring time varies between 5 - 10 minutes depending on product.


Carton box with 15 pcs., 250 gr each