Durocolour Powder P


Water soluble vinyl resins coated with coloured inorganic oxides in powder form, user and environment-friendly, with photostabilizing additives and U.V. filters, highly resistant to alkalis contained in plaster.

Ideal for colouring top coat plasters HYDROSTOP PLASTER DS-74 & DS-75, of the new elastic plasters HYDROSTOP PLASTER ELASTIC as well as the single coat plaster DUROSTICK D-42 ΟΝΕ COAT. Each bag has a precise dose for precisely rendering one of 24 select shades according to the plaster colour swatch DUROCOLOR POWDER- P.

The shades remain unaltered for many years, especially when protected with silicone water repellent agent DUROSTICK D-18 every 10 years.


The innovative hue creation method is used to colour plasters with smooth or coarse surface. Select the hue of your choice from the DUROCOLOR POWDER-P plaster swatch.

The 12 pale hues can be rendered using a 250 g sachet per bag of plaster. Triplicating the pigments will allow rendering 12 darker hues.


1. Empty the required quantity of pigments from the colour swatch in a well cleaned concrete mixer, containing the plaster mixing water and stir until the pigment is dissolved in water.

2. Then add the required plaster quantity (e.g. HYDROSTOP PLASTER DS-74 or DS-75 by DUROSTICK) and stir until the mix gets a uniform colour and texture.


Carton box with 48 pcs. 250 gr