Polypropylene fibres (PP)DUROFIBRE are an enhancer admixture for concrete, cement mortars and lime mortars.
When added, they develop a 3D web that acts as reinforcement and prevents the development of capillary cracks when the material dries.
Fibres in concrete improve resistance to impact and surface abrasion as well as cohesion when spreading. They can be perfectly combined with acrylic emulsions and plasticizers by DUROSTICK.
Furthermore, they cannot be attacked by alkalis, acids and bases. When added during concrete homogenization, it does not cause abrasion to production and pumping machinery walls.


Adding DUROFIBRE 12 mm fibers is necessary in applications such as:
In shotcrete or plain concrete with aggregate grain size higher than 10 mm, they can be added directly at project site in the mixing vessel, delivering optimal cohesion without affecting the workability of the mix.
Results in reducing rebounding (material loss) and development of bubbles. It contributes to create thicker coats.
DUROFIBRE fibres are a must on sloping roofs to be tiles with roof tiles.
On base coat plaster, add them during homogenization to prevent detachment of plaster - even where no mesh is applied - from excavation equipment vibration working in nearby yards or from minor earthquakes.
In building mortar, add them in traditional or standard building mortar for brickwork or cement block masonry, to increase strength and to prevent cracking from pressure and vibration.
In cement screed and industrial floors, adding these agents will not impede workability or plasticity, while it increases strength and reduces segregation and separation.
Adding DUROFIBRE 6 mm fibres delivers best results in case aggregates are less than 10 mm, mainly in thin coats of standard or traditional cement mortars.


Add DUROFIBRE fibers during stirring of mortars, stir for at least 5 minutes.


Carton box: 20 pouches, 900 gr for 6 mm fibres
Carton box: 20 pouches, 900 gr for 12 mm fibres