Fibre reinforced repair cement mortar with high mechanical strength, for coating thickness up to 60 mm per coat, non - shrinkable, for interior and exterior spaces.

Provides high workability, adhesion, resistance to freezing, to impact and moisture. Due to hydraulic binders, special polymers, select aggregates and synthetic fibres, it resists bursting or slumping in significant thicknesses.


DUROFIX is suitable for repairing all construction defects to thickness up to 6 cm in a single coat without casting. It is suitable for all concrete repair works, for restoring broken edges in steps, balconies, pillars, holes and for shaping gutters (hollow, skirting boards, corners etc).


1. Surface preparation
The substrate shall be free from dust and loose areas and shall be thoroughly wetted or primed with micromolar stabilizer AQUAFIX by DUROSTICK before application.

2. Application
Empty the DUROFIX in clean water in a mixing ratio of 25 kg mortar to 4.5 lt water and stir with power drill at low rpm or employ a mechanical mixer until a homogenous, ready for any application mass is obtained.
The mix will remain workable for 3 hours and then applied by pressing with trowel (for minor repairs) or by blasting, if surfaces need a coating material with high mechanical resistance.


Paper bag 25 kg on a 1.500 kg pallet.