Ready-made, reinforced, cement floor screed. Easily spread due to its exceptional rheological properties (pict.1). Necessary for creating inclines and alignments , for all types of floor cladding. Does not harm the piping system. Does not crack. Presents high mechanical properties and it is resistant to moisture and frost. Classified C20-F4-A11fl per EN 13813 (CERECO Code: 137A/2009).


DUROSTICK D-6 forms the ideal substrate to accept tile and/or marble linings, in outdoors or indoors applications. It constitutes perfect solution for overlaying lightweight insulating concrete layers, thus preventing moisture ingression and concentration to these layers. D-6 is an industrial product of high quality, constituting an excellent solution, in cases where high quality aggregates (e.g., marine or specially graded fluvial sand) are hard to find.


1. Substrate preparation
Substates should be clean, free of loose parts, dust, oil, grease, and they should be wetted before application.
2. Application
Pour the cement mortar in 4.5-5lt of clean water and mix with a drill at low revs, or with a mechanical mixer. Spread the material in a similar way as is with concrete application. In cases of underfloor heating installations, the addition to DUROSTICK D-6 of ACRYLIC EMULSION or D-20 of DUROSTICK at a mixing ratio 1:1 with water increases its flexibility; flexibility being an essential characteristic for the specific application.


Paper bag 25 kg on a 1.500 kg pallet.

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