Cast, self levelling fiber reinforced cement mortar for leveling of floors, for thickness coats up to 10 mm inclusive, fast setting and curing that does not present cracking from shrinkage.

It is characterized by high resistance to abrasion, compression, impact and erosion, strong adhesion to all mineral substrates and excellent workability and easy pumping.

The product is classified, according to EN 13813, as C30-F6-A6fl.


DUROSTICK D-65 is ideal for quick levelling of floors from concrete, cement screed or old mosaics intended for cladding with bonded marble, tiles, plastic floors, carpet, parquet etc.

It offers a smooth surface that can be retained as top surface for floors in basements, lofts, household storage rooms etc. Spreading with cement-based sealing mortar HYDROSTOP FLOOR, after 24 hours, ensures watertightness and thus can be applied on exterior surfaces as well.


1. Surface preparation
The surfaces are cleaned from dust, oil, grease or loose residues.
The substrates, before material application, must be primed with acrylic emulsion D-20 by DUROSTICK thinned with water in a 1:1 mixing ratio (the consumption of D-20 is 1 lt/5 m2 ).
Then the material is poured while the emulsion is still wet.

2. Application
Empty D-65 by DUROSTICK in clean water at a mixing ratio of 25 kg per 6-6,5 lt water, stirring with power drill at low rpm until a homogenous, lump-free mass is obtained.
Spread the material starting from a corner of the floor, using a large rubber grouting squeegee (Τ) on pole, to assist the material spread on the floor at an equally thick spread.
Release of possible air bubbles shall be achieved using a hard road sweeping brush or by spreading with spiked roller.

•For application to even larger thickness, up to 30mm use the new, self - levelling cement mortar DUROSTICK D-64.
•When the material starts to set, it must not be used any further or re-mixed with water.
•The top surface must be protected against freezing and high temperature and be regularly wetted for the next 24 hours.
•After full curing, the product is harmless to health and to the environment.


Paper bag 25 kg
1200kg pallet.

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