Fibere reinforced cementitious adhesive, reinforced with resins that provide excellent flexibility, high adhesion and bonding power. Presents excellent adherence of thermal insulation slabs made from expanded (EPS) or extruded polystyrene (XPS), mineral wool, polyurethane, cork, etc., on walls made of concrete, plaster, bricks or cement blocks.

ULTRACOLL THERMO meets the requirements of ETAG 004 for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS), and constitutes part of THERMOSEAL (ETICS) of DUROSTICK. It participates in THERMOSEAL (ETICS) both as bonding material for polystyrene slabs, and also as the base coat for their top surface. THERMOSEAL (ETICS) is certified by the Notified European Institute OIB with certification numbers ETA-13/0006 and ETA-13/0007.ULTRACOLL THERMO is classified as GP: CS IV / W2 per EN 998-1.


a) It is suitable both for bonding the insulation slabs on the building facades, and as base coat (in combination with DS-4160, the reinforcing fiberglass mesh for building facades of DUROSTICK), on external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS).

b) ULTRACOLL THERMO is recommended for COOLROOF, the Flat Roof Thermal Insulation and Waterproofing System of DUROSTICK. COOLROOF comprises expanded or extruded polystyrene slabs in various sizes bonded to the substrate with ULTRACOLL THERMO, then covered with 2-4cm layer thickness of D-6 or on-site prepared cement screed, coated afterwards with DUROSTICK HYDROSTOP ROOF or HYDROSTOP 2 COMPONENTS, the brushable, flexible cement mortar sealants of DUROSTICK. COOLROOF constitutes a test-proven thermal insulation and sealing system with extended service life.

As adhesive:
2.5-4 kg/m², depending on the trowel and the substrate

As a base coat :
1.5 kg/m²/mm in order to cover the fiberglass mesh.


1. Surface preparation
Application surfaces must be flat (level), clean, free from loose particles, dust, grease, paint, etc. Absorbent surfaces should be soaked or primed with micro molecular stabilizer (primer) AQUAFIX of DUROSTICK.

2. Application
For the THERMOSEAL (ETICS): Empty the powder in approximately 7-7,5lt clean water and mix with a low rpm mixing drill. On flat surfaces: Apply the adhesive to the thermal insulating slab, 'comb' the adhesive evenly over the entire surface with a notched trowel and install it on the wall. On non-flat surfaces: Apply the adhesive peripherally to the insulating slabs with a margin trowel and, locally (dots) to the rest of the surface. Place the slab on the wall and apply pressure on its surface, to ensure safe and uniform contact between the adhesive and the substrate. A day after (at least), and depending on the size of the building, install the plastic fasteners (6 items/m²). Using a notched trowel, apply across the entire surface, a thin(3-5mm) layer of the adhesive, and encapsulate in it, DS- 4160 DUROSTICK, the reinforcing fiberglass mesh of DUROSTICK. After completion, even the surface with the trowel. On complete cure, coat the surface with HYDROSTOP PLASTER ELASTIC, the waterproof flexible plaster, in smooth or textured finish. Alternatively, use HYDROSTOP SILICONE PLASTER, the silicone based, waterproof, topcoat plaster in paste form, also suitable for creating a smooth or textured finish. For a detailed description of this application, review the DVD for the THERMOSEAL system by DUROSTICK or visit www.thermoseal.gr

For COOL ROOF, the thermal insulation and waterproofing system for roofs: For flat roofs and uneven substrates, apply a layer of adhesive on the polystyrene slab or directly on the roof slab and 'comb' it with a notched trowel. Install the insulating slabs, covering the entire surface. Prime the surface of the insulating slabs with DS-255 the special quartz, acrylic primer of DUROSTICK. It will provide optimal traction conditions for the cement screed that will be installed next. Cover the slabs with D-6 cement screed of DUROSTICK or coat with a mix of 3 parts sand, 1 part gravel, 1 part cement and 12mm DUROFIBRE polypropylene fibers of DUROSTICK (about 900gr / m³), to a thickness between 2-4cm, providing a compact and durable substrate. Ten days after, coat the cement screed with DUROSTICK HYDROSTOP ROOF or HYDROSTOP 2 COMPONENTS, in three crossed layers (1mm/coat thickness) using an emulsion brush (broad brush) or roller for rough textures. For terraces that are under particular loads and stresses or they are larger than 50m², it is recommended to apply and encapsulate DS-490, the alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh, of DUROSTICK (with 4x4mm mesh size, 90gr/m²). During the application of the first coat of the water proofer, encapsulate the fiberglass mesh, and necessary follow with two more coats. This way, proper sealing is ensured for many years to come, in addition to excellent thermal insulation.

For a detailed description of this application review the DVD for the COOLROOF of DUROSTICK or visit www.thermoseal.gr


Paper bag 25 kg on a 1.500 kg pallet.