EPOXY 32 Ready mix


Two component putty in 32 ready shades, solvent free, based on epoxy resins and ultra thin silicon aggregates. Resistant to acids, alkalis, strong cleaners, most organic solvents as well as chlorinated and sea water. Provides excellent workability, high adhesion on sides of joints and provides full watertightness without soiling. It is non - absorbent, prevents the development of bacteria, easily cleaned eve on a daily basis. It is also suitable even for very strict hygienic conditions. It is suitable for joint widths between 1-10 mm, while the final resulting surface is perfectly smooth - like porcelain. Before curing it can be easily cleaned with lukewarm water. It is classified under class RG per ΕΝ 13888.


DUROSTICK ΕPOXY is suitable for polished granite and tiles where the design calls for white or colored joints whose tint will not be affected by stains or soiling. It is also used for grouting marble, preventing the absorption of water or pollutants in contrast to grouting using cement. Recommended for carving marble and grouting in swimming pools, swimming clubs and public sanitary facilities. Restores cementitious joint fillers in swimming pools eroded from chlorine, after stripping old filler to a depth of 3-4 mm. Furthermore it provides unfaltering adhesion on marble.


1. Substrate preparation
Remove cementitious adhesive residues and dust from joints and from the surface of granite or marble.

2. Application on tiles and granite
The joints are filled with rubber squeegee, spreading and compacting to a diagonal direction without leaving gaps and excess grout. When marble is installed (marble adhesive D-23 by DUROSTICK is recommended), apply EPOXY to marble sides using putty knife to ensure 100% sealing and waterproofing. This method prevents the ingress of water from marble joints - especially in exterior areas. The glossy EPOXY texture perfectly matches the already polished marble.

After the EPOXY has lightly soaked up, remove initial residues with a hard, damp sponge. Then final cleaning shall be performed using clean, soft sponge which must be regularly rinsed in clean, lukewarm water. To facilitate cleaning, add alcohol to maximum 10%. To simplify and expedite cleaning, use BIOCLEAN EPOXY GROUT CLEANER by DUROSTICK.


Carton box with 12 pcs. 500 gr (A+B) 5 kg Pot (A+B).

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