Fireproof Sealant


Fireproof sealant adhesive suitable for use with joints exposed to temperatures up to +1.200 °C.
Does not crack in extreme temperature variations, and it firmly adheres to non-porous surfaces, refractory bricks, natural stone, concrete, cast iron, steel, brass, copper, etc. Workable with ease in horizontal or vertical joints without sagging. Does not contain asbestos.


FIREPROOF is ideal for sealing without priming, detached and weathered joints in fireplaces, stoves, barbecues, chimneys, steam pipes, industrial furnaces as well as woodstoves.


1. Surface preparationς
The surfaces to be bonded or grouted must be clean, free from loose particles, dust and oil. Porous surfaces should be slightly wetted, while metal surfaces must be freed from rust and paint, if any.
2. Application
Place the cartridge in a suitable gun and cut the nozzle at an angle to the desired section. Fill the joint without allowing for air to be trapped in it.Use paper tape prior to application. Grind and smooth the material with a wet sponge before it hardens after the application. Please pay attention: After curing, residues are removed by mechanical means only! Surfaces on which FIREPROOF has been applied can be exposed to high temperatures, not earlier than 24 hours after application.


Carton box with 12 cartridges, 280 ml