Granular White Cement


White polymer cementitious putty with high-hiding ability for exterior and interior surfaces. Only requires adding water to create an easy-to-use slurry which is free from shrinkage. Prevents bursting or surface defects (slump) even in increased application thickness, delivers high resistance to moisture, exceptional surface hardness and anti-bacterial action, while allows transpiration of the surface. Painting GRANULAR by adding DUROCOLOR POWDER – C pigments in powder form (in 96 shades from colour swatch), facilitates visual inspection of surfaces for defects and reduces the coats required for top coating. It is classified under class GP: CS III/W0 per ΕΝ 998-1 (ΕΚΕPΥ code: 98/2010)


DUROSTICK GRANULAR is suitable for patching plastered surfaces, apparent concrete or porobeton, hiding all surface defects. 1-2 coats of 1-20 mm each creates a smooth surface, ready for priming and coating. It can be sanded on the same day, if necessary, or smoothed with wet float.

The product contains Portland cement and is classified as irritant. Before using, refer to the caution information on the product's package or in the material safety data sheet.


1. Surface preparation
To ensure proper product adhesion, the application surfaces shall be thoroughly cleaned and free from loose materials and dust. Any form release agents shall be removed by biodegradable oil cleaner BIOCLEAN (for industrial use). Avoid product application when ambient temperature of surface temperature exceeds 35 οC.
Thoroughly wet, especially exterior surfaces in order to ensure perfect adhesion conditions and to eliminate the risk of product dehydration that would result in reduction of strength.

2. Application
Mix the content with clean water in a to a mixing ratio of 25 kg powder to 8-8.5 lt water (1.6lt : 5 kg) and stir with power drill at low rpm until a homogenous, lump-free mass is obtained. The mix must be allowed to cure for approximately 10 minutes. Periodic stirring is needed without adding more water. Apply using a large metallic spatula.

While still fresh, protect the material against rain and freezing.


Carton box with 4 bags, 5 kg each
Paper bag, 25 kg on 1,500 kg pallet