Grout Elastic


Elastic, water-repellent and freezing resistant tile joint filler in powder form with innovative elastic water repellent resins and special fillers. It is an innovative product, being the first flexible tile joint filler. Provides high mechanical strength, avoids cracking under extremely adverse weather conditions, provides excellent resistance to acids, alkalis and aggressive cleaners as well as to some solvents and chlorinated water. Provides excellent workability and results in unfaltering adhesion on joint side surfaces.

Does not stain from watery or greasy stains i.e. those made from water, coffee, oil, wine etc. Prevents the development of mould, fungi and bacteria. A totally user and environment friendly product It is classified under class CG2 per ΕΝ 13888.


The elastic tile joint filler by DUROSTICK is the rational supplement of elastic tile bonding (using elastic adhesives compliant to S1 or S2 classes). Suitable for grouting on all tile types, granite, glass chip stone, marble and as material to restore old worn joint fillers where capillary cracks are evident. Fully restores and perfectly seals provided that old joint filler is thoroughly removed to a depth of minimum 3mm and the substrate of the joint is also thoroughly cleaned.

Suitable for interior and exterior use as well as in areas that meet strict hygienic specifications. Ideal for tile grouting at balconies, rooftops, underfloor heating, plaster board and cement board, generally for areas subject to severe temperature or mechanical stresses.


1. Surface preparation
Remove adhesive residues from the tile surface and clean joints with a wet sponge. It is recommended that exterior areas have expansion joints filled at 20 m² intervals with elastomer polyurethane sealant DUROFLEX-PU, after the surface is primed with PRIMER-PU, starting from the substrate and ending on the surface of tiles.

Furthermore, it is recommended that joints are left at interior and exterior areas, 8-10 mm, on tile contacts at the perimeter with the upright surfaces, and sealed in the same way, so as to optimize compression reduction of joints from expansion and contraction.

2. Application
Mix 4 kg of powder with 0,6-0,8 lt of water and stir with power drill at low rpm until a homogenous, thick and lump-free mass is obtained. The mix must be allowed to cure for 5-10 minutes and then periodic stirring is needed, without adding further water. Spread the mix with rubber squeegee, and compact to a direction diagonal to joints, without leaving gaps and excess adhesive.

10-15 minutes after application (depending on weather conditions) remove residues with a damp sponge. Finally, when the material hardens, clean the surface of tiles with damp cloth or using the biodegradable Epoxy Grout Cleaner or else using a DUROSTICK acidic tile cleaner, after allowing 20 days (according to instructions for use of the acidic cleaner). Clean tools with water immediately after use.

• Avoid grouting at temperatures above 35 °C where surfaces are exposed to the sun to avoid cracking.
If this is not possible, cover freshly grouted areas with damp tarpaulin or felizol boards.
• In case of cotto, absorbent or 'rustic' tiles, it is recommended that they are treated with 2 coats of water and oil repellent D-29 SPOT FREE or DS-275 NANOPROOF MARMO by DUROSTICK, to facilitate cleaning and to avoid stains from joint filler residues.
•Adding any type of emulsion is not allowed


Carton containing 5 bags, 4 kg ea.

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