Grout FILLER 1-10mm


Cement based colored grout, with high-quality quartz aggregates, enhanced with polymeric resins. Forms a smooth vitreous finish, with high resistance to water, dirt and bacteria.
Presents chromatic stability and uniformity, high workability and can be easily cleaned. It is resistant to moisture and abrasion.

Classified under CG2 category according to EN 13888.uitable for grouting tiles 5-20 mm with rough surfaces, rustic, cotto, decorative bricks, natural and artificial stones, on floors and walls of internal and external spaces.


1. Surface preparation
Remove any adhesive residue from the tiling and clean the joints with a wet sponge. It is recommended per 20 m2 of external surfaces, to fill the joints with the elastomeric sealant DUROFLEX-PU after priming with PRIMER-PU, starting from the substrate all the way up to the surface of the tiles. It is also recommended to allow joints of 8-10 mm on internal as well as external areas, on the perimeter between tiles and skirting and to seal them in the same way, in order to reduce joint pressure from extractions and contractions. In this way, you avoid the appearance of capillary cracks on the grout’s surface as well as possible tile detachment.

2. Application
Mix 5 kg of grout with 0.8-1.1 lt of water, stirring with a low speed drill, until a uniform, lump-free paste is formed. Allow the mixture to stand for 5-10 minutes while stirring occasionally, without adding more water. Spread with a rubber float in a diagonal to the joints direction, ensuring that the joints are completely filled without any surplus material.
When the material is turning matt, remove any surplus material with a wet sponge.
Finally, when the grouts are sufficiently hardened, clean with a dry cloth. The addition of DUROSTICK Acrylic Emulsion, at 2 parts water: 1 part emulsion, improves the elasticity, tightness and tolerance to thermal waves (balconies, rooftops, underfloor heating).

• When grouting rough surfaces, absorbent or non-absorbent natural or artificial stones, the use of DUROSEAL 600 multi-purpose pistol assures fine grouting without surplus material, making the cleaning of the surface easier.

• Avoid grouting when temperature is over 35 oC or in direct sun exposure, to prevent cracking. If not possible, cover the fresh grouted tiles with wet hessen cloths or expanded polystyrene sheets.


Carton box: 4 bags of 5 kg on 1,000 kg pallets.



1. White

2. Light Gray

3. Dark Gray

4. Black

5. Ivory

6. Anemone

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