Hydrostop Watertank


Enhanced flexible non-toxic waterproofing mortar. When applied on potable water tanks, it ensures the quality and the sanitization of potable water as certified by the State General Chemist (Reg. No.: 00178/015/000). The product meets the conditions of EC 1935/2004 regulation, article 28 of the Food and Drinks Code as well as those set out in German Standards “Kunststoffe im Lebensmittelverkehr”, Provides excellent adhesion and fully seals the treated surfaces for many years. As of the superior elasticity and strong adhesion, it prevents the occurrence of capillary cracks or other cracks owed to shrinkage after application, thus closing current or future cracks in the substrate. Its special composition prevents the proliferation of harmful substances in water, thus safeguarding human health. Its provides superior protection against carbonization and attack from chlorinated compounds from the cementitious substrates it is applied on, as well as complete protection against sea water.


Hydrostop WaterTank finds many applications further to potable water tanks. The product is successfully applied for sealing of surfaces made from concrete, bricks, plaster, cement screed, stone etc. It is also applied on surfaces with high water repellence requirements such as underground structures, foundations, tunnels and wet floors as well as structures that are subject to high (positive or negative) hydrostatic pressure such as basements (exterior, before earthfilling and healing interior). It is recommended to be used on sloping concrete roof before roof tile installation, for complete waterproofing of rooftops, thus protecting lightweight insulation in heat & water systems, and generally for all mineral surfaces exposed to intermittent or permanent moisture. Applicable on bridges, swimming pools, swimming athletic facilities etc. A further use of this product is for the efficient waterproofing of areas to be planted e.g. permanent planters, rooftop gardens etc. In these cases the material is absolutely equivalent to asphalt felt or membrane. Its main advantage is that it can be laid in a single run, thus avoiding splicing.


1. Surface preparation
The installation surface should be clean and free from loose areas, dust, paint, grease and oil. It must be wetted before application. The absorbent substrates as well as porobeton must be necessarily primed with ACRYLIC EMULSION or D-20 by DUROSTICK in a 1:1 mixing ratio with water. Plaster boards must be primed with micromolar stabilizer AQUAFIX or SOLVENT-BASED PRIMER by DUROSTICK. Brittle cement mortars on floors must be spread with sealing and stabilizing mortar HYDROSTOP FLOOR after thorough wetting with 2 parts water mixed with 1 part D-20 or ACRYLIC EMULSION by DUROSTICK.

2. Application

1. Surface preparation

Proper preparation will ensure a perfect result.

Concrete walls: Remove pins, polystyrene and sharp projections. Cut support planks 2-3cm deep and coat them with RUST FREE POWDER (rust inhibitor) by DUROSTICK. Then seal holes with D-55, DUROFIX or SUPER FAST by DUROSTICK. Then clean surfaces from loose areas, form release agents and salts by BIOCLEAN biodegradable industrial cleaner by DUROSTICK.

2. Application

Pour the can with the acrylic emulsion (component B) in the existing can and slowly add cement mortar (component B) while continuously stirring. It is recommended that a power drill at low rpm - with the suitable mortar stirring attachment - is used for stirring. The mix will remain workable for approximately 2 hours. The HYDROSTOP WATER TANK must be applied on well wetted surfaces. Application is performed by emulsion brush or roller brush in 3 crossed coats, thickness 1 mm each. The new coat will be applied while the earlier one allows light foot traffic. Repeat wetting if the coat remains for increased time until drying. Application is not allowed at temperatures below 5ÆC or where rain might fall within the next 6 hours.

1.3 kg/m2/mm of coat thickness

Humidity: 2,6kg/m2 (2 coats), Pressurized water: 5,0 kg/m2 (4 coats), Roof garden: 5 kg/m2 (4 coats)


14 kg container: (2X5kg mortar + 4lt resin)