Mould repellent silicone


Exceptionally flexible silicone. It maintains its flexibility for long offering excellent bonding to non-porous surfaces. It is resistant to mould, also to adverse weather conditions and to the UV radiation. It is also resistant to detergents, acids and salty water. It sets quickly, reacting with moisture, and presents excellent bonding strength and long lasting endurance. It does not crack or flake, even in groutings submitted to intense contractions and expansions.


DUROSTICK Silicone is applied without priming on materials such as porcelain, glass, ceramics, enamel, polyester, stainless steel or anodized aluminum, as well as wooden surfaces coated with varnish. It is suitable for sealing grouts 3-40mm wide, in indoor and outdoor applications. Necessary for sealing grouts on kitchen benches, stainless steel sinks, circumferentially in washbasins, bathtubs , porcelain and/or plastic showers, as well as in applications in industrial spaces which should be fungi and mold free. It is recommended for the sealing and fitting of glass constructions, and for various plumbing, air-conditioning, refrigerating, and electric applications.


1. Substrate preparation
Substrate should be sound, dry, and free of oil and dust. In applications where primer is necessary, Silicone should be applied at the earliest 20 minutes to the latest 3 hours following priming. Put painters’ tape on both sides of the joint, to avoid cleaning silicone residues.

2. Application
Place the cartridge in the DUROSTICK Heavy Duty Sealant Gun and cut the nozzle on the slant. Inject the sealant gradually into the joint, in a 45° angle, being cautious as to avoid air entrainment. Wet a spatula or your finger in a solution of water and dish-washing detergent, and then smoothen.

Not suitable for marble, galvanized metal sheets, polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon, aquariums. Non-paintable.

Tools and hands are cleaned with DUROSTICK BIOCLEAN Biodegradable Hand Cream, while silicone is still fresh.


Box of 25pcs of 80ml (available in clear and white color silicone) Carton box of 25 cartridges of 280ml each one (clear silicone) Carton box of 12 cartridges of 280ml each one (white, black, grey, brown color silicone).