A nanomole technology product, water based, suitable for waterproofing mineral substrates on vertical and horizontal surfaces, on exterior and interior spaces. As of the superior penetrant effect of the nanomoles contained in its formula, it provides deep adhesion in the surface pores and enhances them with hydrophobic properties without inhibiting their transpiration.
Prevents the occurrence of surface skin and minor capillary cracks, the development of fungi and mould and the development of salts. Helps to retain the perfect finish of treated surfaces, without glazing or affecting their original form and texture. Provides long-term protection and greatly facilitates regular cleaning from mud rain and ambient pollutants, soot and nicotine, since such agents cannot penetrate the pores on surfaces.
Odourless, user and environment friendly.


Τhe NANO PROOF CERAMIC DS – 270 penetrates and waterproofs porous substrates, absorbent bricks ("cotto" style), concrete, plaster, plaster board, natural minerals as well as materials from clay or ceramic .


1. Substrate preparation
Surfaces should be clean, dry and free of dirt, salt, grease and loose materials.

2. Application
Applied by flat brush, roller brush or AIRLESS gun in a single coat until saturated.On highly absorbent surfaces, apply a second coat while the first one is fresh. Stir well before use. The product is ready to use. Non thinnable. Dry at touch in approximately 15 minutes. Dries in approximately 1 hour, depending on ambient conditions (temperature-humidity).

Tools should be cleaned immediately after use with water or - if necessary - with soap or detergent solution.


Carton box with 15 pcs. 750 ml
Carton box with 6 pcs. 3.5 lt
18 lt container