Pressed Cement


Readymade white or colored (7 ready shades) cement screed of high mechanical strength, suitable for application on vertical and horizontal surfaces in interior or exterior spaces. High strength cement, properly graded aggregates and special additives, are all included in the special fiber-reinforced composition of the product. More, active top quality resins that give it elasticity, unbreakable bonding with the substrate, very good workability and finish, with high durability, are also included in its composition.
DS - 252 Flex successfully adjusts to contractions and expansions of surfaces without cracking. It remains unaffected by micro vibrations while it responds satisfactorily to sudden temperature changes as well as harsh environmental conditions. A perfected industrial product, DS - 252 Flex, the elastic cement screed by DUROSTICK constitutes the evolution of traditional pressed cement mortars. The product does not require any kind of improver additives.
Creates perfectly finished surfaces in sophisticated homes and premises. Tinted at a wide range of hues by addition of DUROCOLOR POWDER - C pigments, with use or colour (32 unique colours), cementitious grouts by DUROSTICK.
Can also be colored with DUROCOLOR, the Dosing Colour Creation System by DUROSTICK.
Classified as PCC - R2 according to EN 1504 - 3.


DS-252 Flex, the Elastic Pressed Cement Screed by DUROSTICK, can be used on floors and walls, in interior and exterior surfaces made of concrete and plaster as well as on lightweight constructions made from plasterboards primed with Solvent Primer or AQUAFIX by DUROSTICK, and cement boards, after appropriate preparation and priming takes place.High elasticity of this product, allows for its use to ultra-demanding applications, ones on which this has not been likely until now. Flooring with under floor heating, floors and walls subject to vibrations, loft floors, floors made from marine plywood, or meticulously cleaned sheet metal surfaces on the condition they are primed with Quartz Primer, DS-255 by Durostick, terraces and balconies exposed to adverse weather conditions, are some of the applications DS-252 Flex can successfully tackle. Flexibility, in connection with strong adhesion properties makes possible the extended range of its applications. In that way it provides substantial solutions for new construction as well as renovations of spaces where there are old screeds, old mosaic or old tile floors, etc., treated in the appropriate way to receive DS-252 Flex applications.g.


  1. 1. Surface preparation
    The substrate must be free of dust, grease, loose particles and should be wetted thoroughly before application. Creation of expansion-contraction joints every 25 - 30 m2, is an imperative, on floors in outdoors’ areas. In indoor floor areas, it is necessary the creation of perimeter expansion-contraction joints 5 - 8mm wide.

    2. Application
    Protect surfaces by covering their perimeter in order to avoid soiling. Mix DS-252 Flex in proportion 25 kg mortar to 5lt of clean water.
    Stir with low speed drill or mortar mixer, until a homogeneous mass without lumps is created. Let the mixture to mature for 5-10minutes, stirring periodically.
    Spray with clear water as much surface area is to be directly invested with Pressed Cement Screed. Repose in the mixture with a trowel to the substrate and then spread with the trowel at a thickness of 5-10mm per layer. Press the material to eliminate trapped bubbles and avoid creation of ‘holes’ on the surface.
    On surfaces subject to heavy traffic or intensive vibrations, to preserve a strong Pressed Cement Screed on the floor, arm it with alkali resistant fiberglass mesh, DS - 4160 by DUROSTICK.
    This will protect it from cracks that may result from extreme temperature variations, exposure to cold or heat, contraction and expansion of the surface, micro vibrations, and other vibrations as well as the daily usage of the area.
    In the already applied Pressed Cement Screed, place the fiberglass net and encase it in the screed with use of a wide spatula. Approximately two to three hours later, return to the application area. To avoid hurting the surface place polystyrene slabs on top of it. This will protect it from the shoes and knees of the applicator.
    Spray the surface with water and use a float to normalize the whole of it. Then, with use of a trowel, press the cement screed and give it its ‘pressed’ character. Eventually, use a wide spatula to smooth and refine the surface. DS-252 Flex pays back for the ‘care’ it receives from the craftsman and quickly highlights its patinas and waters.
    After 4 to 8 days have passed (depending on ambient conditions), and after the material has completed its curing and has dried thoroughly, there is an option to further strengthen the protection of the surface. Apply acrylic, solvent borne impregnation varnish, VISTA by DUROSTICK.
    Ultra clear, matte finish with powerful UV filters, it will efficiently waterproof the surface. It will vest it with oil repellent properties so that it will repel stains; it will protect it from everyday use, and it will allow for its frequent cleaning with use of mild household detergents.
    VISTA is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and it is applied with characteristic ease.
    In internal vertical surfaces, it is recommended the use of matte water borne varnish DECOFIN by DUROSTICK. It is applied 3-4 days after application of DS-252 Flex (depending on ambient conditions).


Paper bag, 25kg on 1.500kg pallet.


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