Ready for use solvent free primer, user and environment friendly, based on acrylic resins, quartz aggregates with 0.1-1 mm granularity and special admixtures. Delivers strong adhesion which remains unaffected from intermittent or continuous moisture, vibration, surface expansion and contraction and the effect of time. Priming with quartz acrylic primerDS-260 allows new or older surfaces from wood or metal to receive plaster, e.g. smooth or textured, white or coloured, waterproof elastic plaster HYDROSTOP PLASTER ELASTIC.


DUROSTICK DS-260 QUARTZ PRIMER allows plastering or stone, tile or marble cladding to old, new or metallic safetys such as:
• New or old wooded houses subject to considerable erosion and maintenance with varnish paints is no more effective.
• Metal Buildings where exterior or interior architectural design modifications are needed.
• Wooden floors and walls (old or new) that require tiling with ceramic tiles, marble, decorative bricks or hand - chiseled stone.
• Masonry from gypsum plaster or plaster board can be protected against moisture, increase their strength and develop a suitable substrate before lining.


2. Surface Preparation:

The surface to be primed shall be free from loose areas, dust, grease etc.

2. Application: Stir the product well before application, using power drill at low rpm. Thinned with clean water up to 5%. Applied with roller or emulsion brush in 2 coats.
Application of the second coat is performed after complete drying of the first.

Avoid application where rain or freezing is possible for the next 12 hours.


Containers, 4 kg and 14kg