Sealing Mortar


Brushable cementitious sealing mortar with excellent adhesion. It provides full waterproofing of surfaces thanks to its polymer and water repellent ingredients. The D-1 by DUROSTICK is suitable for positive (preventive exterior application) and negative (interior application for repair purposes) hydrostatic pressures. It resists freezing and is water vapour - permeable (transpirant coating)


Can be applied to wetted concrete element surfaces, walls, floors or surfaces from brickwork, cement blocks, on cement screed, plaster, porous concrete or other materials. Ideal for exterior waterproofing of basements and walls before they are earthfilled. Protect any sealed and coated surface with D-1, with a special plastic membrane. The D-1 is ideal even for post - treatment vertical or horizontal surfaces after removal of plaster to the full height where moisture is observed. It is suitable for sealing on floors, water tanks, swimming pools, swimming athletic facilities, planters, shafts, tunnels, masonry consisting of bricks or cement blocks after applying the base coat of plaster. Furthermore it is recommended for sloping roofs from concrete, before roof tiles are laid, for north facing walls, generally for all mineral surfaces exposed to partial or permanent moisture.


1. Surface preparation

Remove pins, polystyrene and sharp projections. Cut support planks 2-3cm deep and coat them with RUST FREE POWDER (rust inhibitor) by DUROSTICK. Seal holes with D-55, DUROFIX or SUPER FAST by DUROSTICK. Then clean surfaces from loose areas, form release agents and salts by BIOCLEAN biodegradable industrial cleaner by DUROSTICK (for industrial use).

2. Application

DUROSTICK D-1 shall be applied on well wetted surfaces in 2-4 crossed coats of equal thickness, each 1 mm thick, with round brush for lime or emulsion brush, as well as by roller for emulsion paints or metallic spatula. Pour the product in clean water, to a ratio of 25 kg D-1 to 6-6.5 lt water. It is recommended to mix with power drill at low rpm, fitted with the suitable mortar mixing attachment, until a homogenous, lump-free mass is obtained, so thick that it sticks to the emulsion brush or roller without dropping. The mix will remain workable for 60 minutes. Each next coat will be applied while the first is still fresh (approximately after 2 hours). Repeat wetting if the coat remains for increased time until drying. The top surface of the material must be protected against high temperature for 48 hours by regularly wetting. Also, protection against freezing must be provided by appropriate means.


  • If the substrates to be laid with DUROSTICK D-1 present capillary cracks or it is necessary to protect them against natural or induced vibration caused by excavation equipment operating in adjacent areas, adding acrylic emulsion D-20 by DUROSTICK to mixing water in a ratio water : D-20, 1:1 - 2:1 increases elasticity of material, surface resistance and adhesion.
  • After hardening, the product is harmless to human health.


Carton box with 4 bags 5 kg each

Paper bag, 25 kg on 1,500 kg pallet