Tile Spacers


DUROSTICK tile spacers are useful for maintaining equal spacing among tiles in any installation pattern.
They come in a large variety of sizes: 1,2,3,4,5,7,9 and 10mm and in cross (+), tee (T), wye (Υ) and wedge shapes so that it is certain they will address even the most intricate applications.
Their distinctive feature is sharpness of their sides and excellent resistance. It is possible to repeatedly use them provided that they are removed early and cleaned with water.


he ceramic tiles are their main application, as well as decorative and natural stones and marbles.


The DUROSTICK spacers are used before or immediately after the adhesive has contacted the tile.
It is most essential that tiles are perfectly contacting their sides to avoid irregularities in tile spacing.
Their removal is possible after 3 hours, from tiles bonded with DUROSTICK adhesive on walls or 2 hours on floors.


1000 pcs CROSS spacers 1 mm

500 pcs CROSS spacers, 2 and 3 mm  - 4,5,7,9 mm on request