Vista Mat varnish


Acrylic clear impregnation varnish with mat finish, with strong UV filters, extremely resistant to solar radiation. Provides long service life. Suitable for use on exterior and interior surfaces, does not peel off or turn yellowish over time.
Creates a strong, water repellent and oil repellent protective film, without glazing. Brings the best out of any surface by highlighting their natural tones.
The special appearance rendered by applying Durostick VISTA makes it the ideal choice for spreading the surface ofDUROSTICK DS-250 pressed cement mortar as well as any natural stone floor or building facade.
On cladding consisting of natural stone, on building floors and facades, spreading with two layers of Durostick VISTAvarnish will lead to surfaces free from glazing, wet look and highlighting the graining of the stone originally used on the clad surface.


Hydrostop WaterTank finds many applications further to potable water tanks. The product is successfully applied for sealing of surfaces made from concrete, bricks, plaster, cement screed, stone etc. It is also applied on surfaces with high water repellence requirements such as underground structures, foundations, tunnels and wet floors as well as structures that are subject to high (positive or negative) hydrostatic pressure such as basements (exterior, before earthfilling and healing interior). It is recommended to be used on sloping concrete roof before roof tile installation, for complete waterproofing of rooftops, thus protecting lightweight insulation in heat & water systems, and generally for all mineral surfaces exposed to intermittent or permanent moisture. Applicable on bridges, swimming pools, swimming athletic facilities etc. A further use of this product is for the efficient waterproofing of areas to be planted e.g. permanent planters, rooftop gardens etc. In these cases the material is absolutely equivalent to asphalt felt or membrane. Its main advantage is that it can be laid in a single run, thus avoiding splicing.


  1. Durostick Vista varnish is applied where requirements call for a mat surface.
    Furthermore, where particular resistance to abrasion and protection against adverse weather conditions are necessary (sunlight and snow) as well as frequent cleaning of interior areas.

1. Surface preparation:

Surfaces must be clean and thoroughly dry. They must have acquired their full mechanical strength. (about 28 days for pressed cement mortar). For natural stone, allow 3-4 weeks after joint filling and make sure they are well cleaned with D-7natural stone cleaner by DUROSTICK to remove mortar residues from joint filling.
2. Application:

The DUROSTICK VISTA is a ready to use product. Application on clean, dry surfaces is carried out using varnish roller or flat brush in two coats, allowing 3-4 hours between consecutive applications.


Carton box with 6 pcs., 2.5 lt each