• Mould repellent silicone

    Mould repellent silicone

    Exceptionally flexible silicone. It maintains its flexibility for long offering excellent bonding to non-porous surfaces. It is resistant to mould,…

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  • Tile Spacers

    Tile Spacers

    DUROSTICK tile spacers are useful for maintaining equal spacing among tiles in any installation pattern. They come in a large…

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  • Pressed Cement

    Pressed Cement

    Readymade white or colored (7 ready shades) cement screed of high mechanical strength, suitable for application on vertical and horizontal…

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  • Elastomeric Sealant

    Elastomeric Sealant

    Brushable elastomeric acrylic sealant for terraces with increased waterproofing requirements. It creates a white protective membrane, with excellent bonding to…

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  • Fireproof Sealant

    Fireproof Sealant

    Fireproof sealant adhesive suitable for use with joints exposed to temperatures up to +1.200 °C. Does not crack in extreme…

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  • DS-Polymer


    New technology elastic sealant and adhesive material, odourless, solvent free in 32 select shades. Offers high bonding strength and elasticity,…

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  • Vista Mat varnish

    Vista Mat varnish

    Acrylic clear impregnation varnish with mat finish, with strong UV filters, extremely resistant to solar radiation. Provides long service life.…

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    Ready for use solvent free primer, user and environment friendly, based on acrylic resins, quartz aggregates with 0.1-1 mm granularity…

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  • Primer DS-255

    Primer DS-255

    Ready to use acrylic-based primer with special quartz aggregates, enriched with additional improving agents. Distinguished for its strong grip even…

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  • Hydrostop Watertank

    Hydrostop Watertank

    Enhanced flexible non-toxic waterproofing mortar. When applied on potable water tanks, it ensures the quality and the sanitization of potable…

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  • Sealing Mortar

    Sealing Mortar

    Brushable cementitious sealing mortar with excellent adhesion. It provides full waterproofing of surfaces thanks to its polymer and water repellent…

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    Elastic waterproof self cleaning top coat plaster, granule size up to 0.8mm with new technology elastic and water repellent resins.…

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